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I just love Christine’s Zen Den, and she warned me that this might happen. I'm delusionally happy. I truly am right now. Where else can you go and try to get into the mind of a candle and imagine how it might feel when its flames are dancing around.

This is the kind of environment that Christine creates, and I feel really fortunate to be able to be a part of that every tuesday night. This safe space where I can reflect in my life without any judgment and I can also create without any limitations. As a lightworker myself, I’m constantly giving my energy to others and sometimes I do need the nudge and the reminder to fill in my own cup.

Christine is that voice for me. She’s the voice of reason and I can honestly listen to her all day long— it’s like music to my ears and that’s Zen in and of itself. Christine, thanks so much for being my girl, for keeping me balanced and keeping me in alignment in keeping me accountable. I love you and I just hope to see more people in this Zen Den because you guys don't know what you're missing out on.See you soon.
Beth Eiglarsh
I want to recommend Chirsitine’s Raja class. It’s an amazing class, I've been taking it for almost 5 years now. It has really aligned the body at the end of the week. Relax all the muscle, you’ll feel like you're floating throughout the class— not just the body, it’s also the mind and the soul. Christine is amazing. She’s so calm and supportive and warm and just makes you feel great at the end of the class. I will really recommend it to anybody.
Meirav Meytal



Here’s just the beginning of what ZEN DEN CAN DO!

Changing How You THINK About Your SELF Is
The Fundamental Key To ELEVATING Your Self!


How to increase focus and determination to accomplish your goals for your business and relationships .


Your mind to stop spending time and energy questioning yourself.


Anxiety and depression and believe in your power and ability to actively live your dreams.

Fulfilled and Content

Eliminate regrets so that you don’t reflect back on your life, wishing you did more with your moments and find a life purpose that energizes you, every day!

Empowered to Succeed

Feel excited about the harmony as you live in your present and empowerment as you build your best Self into the future of your OWN design.


Train your mind to make instinctive choices that serve your path instead of the same choices that had failed your past. Eliminate the obstacles separating you from the infinite possibilities offered in every moment you live.


Spiritually Significant Experience with
Spoken Word Yoga
The intention in every Spoken Word Yoga class is to inspire positive thinking and positive action that builds community and connection. Peru is the ideal location for a truly magical and deeply spiritual retreat, and it is a blessing to have this opportunity to travel with You through the Sacred Valley and the mystical lands of Machu Picchu. Together we will make this a trip of a lifetime filled with spectacular sites and extraordinary energy.

more people
changes lives

Self Improvement strategies to inspire connection and create community. You deserve to feel happy, healthy, fulfilled and improve connections with friends and family without nagging thoughts preventing you from living your best life!

I just wanna take a minute to talk about my awesome friend Chrisine Lewis. When I think of Christine, the first thing that comes to mind is MAGIC. Christine, I’m so grateful for everything you’ve exposed me to. It’s been of so much value and now I’m on a clear path to a profound spiritual awakening. Your mentoring and lessons from your Spoken Word Yoga audios have given me everything I need to get through the day. Christine, you’re amazing in the way that you walk you through the yoga poses and assist me with making the most out of my experience.
Sanna Garrett-Smith
Just wanna share with you a few of the many benefits that I’ve received from participating in Zen Den. On the top of my list will be the breathing exercises which have helped me to be mindful, to stay in the present and, of course, to be compassionate. Compassion to others, yes. But being compassionate to myself as well— learning to take time to create a space to care for myself. Being in the Zen Den. Participating has made me feel connected not only to the people in the zen den but also globally. It’s just been a wonderful experience. I can't thank Christine enough.
Maria Lloyd
Chhristine Lewis and Spoken Word Yoga has given me so much value in my yoga practice over the years. I practiced with her many many years ago in Florida. And then I moved away and lived in Georgia. I went on a retreat with her before I moved and I got to take her magic with me.

I’ve moved to my own yoga teacher training and just a lot of her words speak through me sometimes. She’s just given me so much joy— that’s one of her big words. Also, ever since coronavirus hit, she’s been streaming her classes and I’ve tapped in to quite a few of those so it’s been a big treat to reconnect to some of that old school teaching that I had from her again. I highly recommend Christine and her love and light and just spreading it as much as we all can for this world. I really appreciate the value, Christine.
Lauryn Moret-Glass
I’ve been taking yoga with her for years and I highly highly recommend her class. She teaches in a couple of different locations. The Asanas are great for moving energy around and getting unstuck not to mention she is generally staying limber— I don't have to tell you that the older you get, the more important that is. Added to that is what Christine has to say through the entire class which are really words of not only encouragement but also spiritual insight. I’m sure you’ll lo9ve the class. There isn’t really anything else I could say except try one and you’ll be hooked just like I was.
Dr. Louisa Rogers

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