Zen Den Sanctuary for a Positive Mental Shift

A Global Movement For Self – Improvement




  •  Teach you mental exercises to eliminate Self-doubt and so you can be more productive, alert, creative, and connected in relationships and business
  •  Help you to wake up with purpose, feeling more connected through control of your physical and emotional well-being
  •  Demonstrate how to consistently FEEL happy and live without worrying that something negative is about to happen
  •  Promote your own ability to feel comfortable, being in complete control of your presence and moment

Here’s just the beginning of what ZEN DEN CAN DO!

Changing How You THINK About Your SELF Is
The Fundamental Key To ELEVATING Your Self!


how to increase focus and determination to accomplish your goals for your business and relationships


your mind to stop spending time and energy questioning yourself


anxiety and depression and believe in your power and ability to actively live your dreams

Fulfilled and Content:

Eliminate regrets so that you don’t reflect back on your life, wishing you did more with your moments and find a life purpose that energizes you, every day!

Empowered to Succeed:

Feel excited about the harmony as you live in your present and empowerment as you build your best Self into the future of your OWN design.


Train your mind to make instinctive choices that serve your path instead of the same choices that had failed your past. Eliminate the obstacles separating you from the infinite possibilities offered in every moment you live.


Spiritually Significant Experience with
Spoken Word Yoga
The intention in every Spoken Word Yoga class is to inspire positive thinking and positive action that builds community and connection. Peru is the ideal location for a truly magical and deeply spiritual retreat, and it is a blessing to have this opportunity to travel with You through the Sacred Valley and the mystical lands of Machu Picchu. Together we will make this a trip of a lifetime filled with spectacular sites and extraordinary energy.

more people changes lives

Because you deserve to feel happy, healthy, fulfilled, and improve connections with friends and family, and nagging negative thoughts prevent you from living your best life!

Dr. Louisa
Maria Lloyd

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Every Problem Has A Solution, Here Are Some Of The Things
Spoken Word Yoga Can Do For YOU!

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Years of Experience

practicing yoga has taught me the significance of tapping into ancient energies around the world and I bring my students to those place every year!

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Happy Clients

Clients eliminate negative critical thoughts and resolve burdens from the past while focusing clearly on their goals in the present moment to manifest their dream careers and relationships.

Ebook/Programs & Retreats

Amazing Books and Customized training Provide the blueprint to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts to detox the mind for more clarity in creating a positively fulfilling life

Benefits of zen den sanctuary

Happiness is directly linked to quality of life and overall health as you age.

Dutch sociologist Ruut Veenhoven, during a 2008 review of studies on happiness and longevity, found that happiness appears to protect against illness.

High stress levels are directly connected to increased physical and mental illness

join ZEN DEN now to create inner space of self peace.